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Bare Feet

Loving Care for Your Floors

You want a hardwood floor professional who loves your floors just as much as you do. And that's what you'll find at ALPHA FLOORING. We take pride in a job well done, and it shows in satiny smooth floors and flawless finishes. We're happy to make a dull, scratched floor look beautiful again.

Maintenance Tips

Ever wondered how to care for your floor and at a loss as to what to do? We are happy to answer any questions, and leave you with specific instructions for how to care for your new finish. A little bit of knowledge will help you protect your floor.

Service That Meets Your Needs

At every step of the refinishing, we strive to meet your needs. For example, we might recommend a lower gloss matte finish if you have pets, as any scratches from their nails will be more difficult to see. And high traffic areas may require a stronger, harder finish, to give the wood the damage protection it needs.

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